What Do I Want? Does Anyone Know??

I am in post-conference reflection mode at this point. I am sitting on the bed, later than usual, listening to the deep, rumbling purr of Bella-cat, and I am engaged in deep thinking. I always do this after I return to my house from visiting my home - the place I really would love to live full-time but seem to think that I can't be there!

This often leads me into a period of contemplation and introspection. 

I spent the past week in sunny (sorta) Southern California, sometimes surrounded by other music therapists, sometimes surrounded by my family members. I was able to see the mountains and the ocean, and I loved the visit and the environment. It is becoming more and more difficult for me to be happy to leave when I go to visit. I offered my ideas to folks while I was in California, and I spent some time listening to the ideas of others. As always, I was challenged to think of my role as a music therapist and what I want to get and be as part of this profession.

I have come to the conclusion that I want to do more. I am going to start my dream list. What do I want to do in and through and for this profession? Time to start dreaming big!
  • CMTEs - almost finished, but not yet.
  • Student seminars - things shared specifically with students about why and how to think about the things that we have to do as professionals - assessments, documentation, TME development, etc.
  • Intern seminars - reformat these to make them accessible to more interns out there in the world.
  • More sing about song publications.
  • Increase newsletter subscriptions.
  • Sell materials to other therapists - file folders, file folder kits, adaptive cuffs, whatever I can find to share with others...

First, though, I need to finish what I have started. I have a new process for getting some tasks finished. I am going to start a work bullet journal here at home for afternoon tasks that lead me to finish what I need to get finished. After I get those tasks done, it will be time to tackle the dream list. 

At this moment, it is time to get ready to go back into the world of work. I have three days left before Spring Break, so I will spend much of that time trying to organize myself so I can get things moving on the dream list. 

If anyone has any other ideas about what I could put on this dream list, let me know!


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