Talking About Rock Solid Clinical Goals and Making Stuff Today

Today, I get to do something that I absolutely LOVE!

I get to talk and talk about things that make me feel passion and strength and just plain old fun!

If you haven't guessed, it is PRESENTATION DAY for me! I am getting ready to talk to folks in the Western Region of AMTA about things that I love. What are those things, you ask? I get to blather on and on about writing clinical goals, objectives, and benchmarks within the greater structure of therapeutic documentation. I get to speak about how to make the lives of fellow therapists easier and how to document in ways that does not drive us all into burnout. Then, after lunch, I get to do a completely different sort of presentation - a Make and Take!

Have you ever been to a Make and Take? I love the idea. You show up and make something that you can take with you. I've been proposing a session like this for the AMTA National Conference for years now, and they have never accepted it. The Western Region took a chance on me, so now I am going to show folks how to make file folder session schedule boards. I am nervous that I will have too much stuff and not enough stuff at the same time. I keep telling myself that it will work (and I know that it will - I am adaptable to every situation - no worries, right?).

I really enjoy giving presentations, and I love it when the audience is music therapists - there are so many shortcuts I can take when everyone knows about the profession. I enjoy learning about a topic enough that I can share it with others, and I look for topics that I need to know more about to share with others as presentation proposals. I haven't had any flashes of insight about AMTA national conference proposals yet, but I am looking around for some!

Over the years, I've come up with a ritual that helps me figure out what I am going to propose as a presentation. I have a page in my notebook that I use as a stream of consciousness page. I put down every thought that I have about things I would like to learn more about, things that I notice about the different places and presenters, and random thoughts that flit through my head. After a conference is over, I look over that page to see if there are any ideas or comments about "I wish I had learned about...," and that's what I use to outline my presentation proposals. I make myself learn more about what I want to get out of conference, and that is usually a good strategy.

I have one idea to develop when I return to my home. I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but I think it will be good for some music therapists and I know that it will be completely useless to others. That's it. Check out the program for AMTA 2018 in Dallas to see if I'm presenting and then you'll know what this topic is...

For the moment, though, I am going to review my powerpoint presentations and double check that I have my materials ready. I still have about 2 hours before I need to pack up the car and drive to the conference venue, so I can go through my presentations at least once before my family members will be up and stirring.

Both of these presentations are going to be on my website pretty soon, so if you cannot be at this conference, keep an eye out. I am almost ready to launch my first series of CMTE course modules!

Ooh, I'm starting to get nervous...or maybe I'm just hungry. Maybe I should test that theory out by having a couple of Girl Scout Cookies as I review my powerpoint presentations.

Hope to see some of you very soon! Room 200A and then 200B!


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