Synthesis Sunday: WRAMTA Conference Thoughts and More Thoughts

I spent the last several days immersed in the world of music therapy in a place other than my home region. It was interesting and very nice as well. If you've been reading posts lately, you know that I region hopped over to the Western Region conference because it was close to home and I could get an economical conference experience (staying with Mom and Dad, using Mom's car, etc...). I am happy to report that my part of the conference is over, and I am ready to move on into the synthesis portion of my conference experience.

Conference attendance is always a bit challenging for me. I spend half the time wanting to talk to someone and the other half of the time chafing under the requirement of being close to everyone. It always takes a bit of time to get my conference persona ready, and I usually skip out on several events because I need to get away. This conference was at a good pace and speed for me. I didn't feel obligated to go to the business meetings - not my region - so I had downtime where I could sit in the sunshine (or by the windows - it rained all day yesterday!!) and be with my thoughts. Most of the folks that I know who are WRAMTA folks were not present, so I had an opportunity to meet lots of new music therapists. One person seemed to follow me around every where. That was pretty fun!

I was able to attend four presentations other than my own. I enjoy hearing what other people think about music therapy. It always challenges my own notions of what music therapy is and can be to hear the experiences of others. That's probably the best benefit of conference attendance - the broadening of my thoughts and ideas.

Nothing was really all that challenging that I heard, but I did get some ideas about further areas that I want to explore later on. I also realized that I need to be doing more to promote what I am already doing - intern webinars, student seminars, OCMT, CMTE coursework, and all that jazz. I always leave conferences with new goals for myself and for my music therapy world. They are written in my notebook, and I plan on starting some new routines as soon as I rejoin the human race (the regular human race, not this strange vacation/conference reality). 

I liked being in a different region this conference season. I've enjoyed the times when I've been in different regions before. I like being able to skip out on the parts of things that bore me. I like being part of the things that have nothing to do with me and my responses, but that are fun to watch and think about. I may do this more often. First, though, I have to see where everyone is going next year. I want to go places that are interesting to me.

For the next two days, as I am still in conference mode but am away from my home, I am going to spend some time establishing a plan for the next year. I have already started this plan, but it needs some refinement. I am going to spend some time thinking about my website, my blog, my current jobs, what I want to be doing, who I want to be working with, and how I am going to move towards my personal and professional goals.

Happy Sunday. I promise I will get back into my text synthesis soon. Promise!!


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