Thoughtful Thursday: Purposeful Use of Music

I've been listening to lots of music lately. I left the iPod at work, so I decided to take some CDs, and I randomly popped in some Haydn. My first thought, "Okay, at least it isn't rap." My second thought, "Ooh, I could say this during my presentation." I talked to myself the entire way to work - all centered around my upcoming presentations, and I generated several new ideas!

This led me into remembering the foundations of my music therapy theory. Here's the foundational thought that is my current focus - music is motivating.

By listening to something that was inherently familiar to me, and not something that intruded too much, I was able to create some new ideas. Music engaged my brain and allowed synapses to interact in ways that they hadn't in quite some time. I had ideas and the music spurred my presentation practice.

Well, duh, right?

One of the presenters that spoke at last week's Online Conference for Music Therapy reminded me that it is important to step out of the routine every once in a while. There is something magical about music that transcends my routine, and it is good to remember that fact.

How do you typically use music? Why do you do that?

I don't typically listen to much music outside of music therapy sessions. I never really have, but I have enjoyed my listening this week. I even kept Haydn going when I had the iPod with me. At times, my analytical brain took over - "This sounds like it is from the Classical period - it is definitely NOT from the Romantic/Modern school." At other times, I just went with the music itself, listening closely to melody lines and counterpoint and chord structures. Then, something would spark in my brain, and I'd be back to practicing my presentations again.

I am going to grab another stack of CDs to take with me this morning. We'll see what is in that stack for this morning's commute. Will it be something that supports my creativity? Will it be something that interrupts those thought processes? Will I sing along? Will I search fruitfully for something that matches my mood and my state of being? Who knows.

Time to go.

Happy Thursday.


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