New Music Musings

I bought some new music this weekend.

It is almost the end of my fiscal month, and I had some money left over, so I went spending on iTunes. I bought some music for kids - specific requests that I did not have already - and some music for me. I also bought the most recent Now! That's What I Call Music compilation and was reminded that I already have some other music to hear during my music listening moments.
You know, I don't listen to music just to listen very often anymore. I used to, back before I was immersed in all of this music therapy stuff. Almost everything I listen to these days is something either requested by students or background music to the talk I am hearing. I rarely take time to just listen to music. I did a bit of that last week, and I enjoyed it, but I didn't really listen. The music became a background figure to my thoughts and verbal practicing (I admit it, I talk to myself in the car during my commute). I anticipate that this same thing will happen when I listen to music this week. I will start off listening but will end up not really hearing the music.

That's typical for me. I either use music as a background figure, or I listen to it with an ear towards how I can use the music in a therapeutic music experience (TME). I don't often find myself drawn into the music for the sake of the music.

There are still songs that do that for me, though. Most of those songs are not songs that I share in therapy - I keep them for myself. When I find a piece of music like that, I relish it, I revel in it, and I saturate myself with the music until I can handle the emotions that the song stimulates in and for me. 

So, I am going to fix my commuting playlist with some new music. I'll start the playlist when I pull out of my parking space here at home, and I may listen to the music. I may not listen very closely. I may practice the two presentations that I have to give at the end of the month. I may make up stories in my mind - I never know where the music will lead me.

That's the best thing about new music - I don't know if the music will be something that I like or dislike. I don't know if I will ever use the music in a therapy session. I know that some of the new music will work very well in motivating some of my clients (they requested the songs), and other new music will help me teach them something (our Musician of the Month). The music will give me some new stimulation - something that is always helpful, especially in these cold winter months.

Well, I'm off to make my lunch, coordinate the stuff I need for today's sessions, and bundle up to go out into the cold. I hope that your day is filled with good music.

Happy Monday.


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