Thoughtful Thursday: SNOW DAY!!!

It is official! This is the first snow day of the season, and I am getting ready to go into work. One of the good/bad things about working with clients in a residential facility is that they are present at the school, even when it is difficult to get around. This is good for me because I have an opportunity.

Many years ago, we had difficulty getting staff members to cover our snow day shifts. We were offered the chance to get on the Inclement Weather staff rotation to work on snow days and then get that time off at a time of our choosing later in the year. I am almost always on my way to work before they call a snow day, so I've always found it more convenient to slog through the ice and snow to get that time than turning around and trying to get back home. I've had one incident on a snow day where I ended up in a ditch - one incident in 22 years. (Now, I've had a couple of other incidents on non-snow days that probably should have been snow days, but that's another topic completely!)

So, why do I get so excited about snow days?

Well, I will be seeing all of my residential students today for 30 minutes each. They will come in their classroom groups without our day students. We do things that I keep aside on purpose for these days. I think we may throw balls at drums today. We may do karaoke. We may just play games. 

I enjoy snow days because it gives me an opportunity to get to know my residential clients a bit better. When 40% of my students don't attend, I have a chance to get to know the remaining 60% a bit better. We also do things that the day students don't get a chance to do.

Now, as I wax rhapsodical about these snow days, realize that I come from a place of glee - I get 8 hours to trade out later on. This day means that I have an extra day off when I want it. Hooray!

My teacher friends don't come in on snow days. They would rather have the time off now. I would much rather have the time off later on, when I can plan it, and when I can completely enjoy it. They wouldn't, and that is okay with me!

One snow day is a gift. We are much more relaxed during snow days than on other days. My students seem to enjoy the relaxed nature of the day - on the first day. Snow Day two in a row is a completely different situation.

We had one year where we had four snow days in a row. By day three, I was planning a field trip to the superintendent's house so she could enjoy the situation along with us. My students do not do well with a lack of routine and structure. By the end of that VERY LONG WEEK, we were all ready to get out of snow and get back into our learning schedule.

For the moment, however, I think I will get going so I can miss the wintry mix that is forecast for today. I should be able to make it to work with no problem, and it seems that going home will be colder, but there should be enough time for the plows to get out for the trip home. I'm going to sing all the way to work - 
"Snow day, snow day. Time for our first snow day!!"
Off I go into the rain and the forecasted ice and snow. Happy day!


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