Technology is Great...Until It's Not

Today was a day of technological issues from the beginning to the end. When I got up this morning, my computer wouldn't run Firefox (my browser of choice). When I got to work this morning, my computer updated and then refused to start. I sat and watched a welcome screen for an hour before having to get going with the rest of my day.

I am now working on Chrome (which I do NOT like) in order to get caught up with my various work stuffs...

I am someone who prides herself on understanding how the electronics and technology options around her work. I like using technology, but I am NOT interested in turning my entire life into a technology bubble.

I am not ready to turn in my songbooks for OnSong.
I am not interested in apps for my clients. My music therapy clinic is an app-free zone.
I am not going to try to use Spotify or Amazon Music for my sessions.

Now, some of this reluctance comes from...

Oh, wait. This is Tuesday, isn't it?

Sorry - I get very confused when it's break and then not break. My work weeks should always start on a Monday - not on a Tuesday. I'll be out of sorts all week because kids come to me starting on Wednesday instead of Monday.

Okay - TME Tuesday it is!

Oh dear. I left my TME jump drive on my desk at work after finally starting to write down TME ideas again. (It's been quite a bit of time since I sat down and actually wrote ideas down on my computer, using technology to record my ideas.) I thought I wouldn't really need that jump drive when I got home tonight - silly me!

I really didn't plan this, I swear!

Since I cannot do what I intended to do on this Tuesday, let me switch topics once again! (Can you tell it's Full Moon Day??)

I am going to spend some time this evening looking through a new catalog from Lakeshore (by the way, I get NO support from any companies when I mention them - no affiliate links here!). This is the way I get some of my TME ideas - I look through catalogs.

Lakeshore doesn't have much stuff for music teachers or for music therapists, but there are lots of ideas in that catalog that I can take and make into a music therapy experience. I often get TME ideas from looking at a catalog or browsing a toy aisle. I then write the ideas down and work on them when I have time to develop the ideas into reality. I currently have an idea for a War card game with musical symbols that was inspired by hours of play with siblings a long time ago. I haven't fleshed it out yet, but that's the goal for this Friday - making the cards and figuring out how to get my students to play the game - all of my students.

Time to get out my idea book (not technology - just a book) and my pen. I'll sit for some time, flipping through pages and writing down my ideas before transferring them to the computer at a later date.

Sorry about the lack of TME Tuesday this week. I'm just happy being back online, so I will focus on getting back on my routine pretty quickly now that I'm getting back into my daily schedule.

Happy January 2nd!


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