Monday Musings

I am going to California in late February and early March to present two topics at the Western region conference in Ontario. I received the emails this morning and sent back my signed agreements pretty much immediately. I am excited about region-hopping this Spring.

I don't usually attempt to present in regions other than my own, but this conference is happening about 20 minutes away from my parents' house and about 3 minutes away from my sister's job, so I have lodging, car, and a chance to see my family all at the same time!! I took advantage of the convenience of the Western region to combine a trip to a music therapy conference with a chance to be at home for a bit.

I will be presenting two times on Saturday, March 3rd. The first presentation is about writing clinical goals (the same topic I'm presenting in St. Louis in a bit more than a week). The second presentation is a Make and Take session for making a session choice board. I am very excited about this one! I love the opportunity to show people what I love doing the best - making functional and fun tools for music therapy clients. I will get a new laminator and lots of fun paper and tools in order to help participants make their own session choice boards. I cannot wait for that presentation!

Today, however, it is time to focus on what will be happening in the present. I have recently moved one of my group sessions from Tuesday/Thursday to Monday/Wednesday, so I now have five groups per day, set into the same time frames each day. I now have therapy from 9-10:30, 10:45-11:45, 12:30-2 every day in a combination of group and individual sessions. I also have about the same number of notes to write every morning, so I can plan things a bit more concisely.

Our session focus this week is tempo. We will be playing and passing instruments at set tempi, we will play stereo symbol "tag" (not really tag, but that's the closest descriptor I can think of), and we will do some patterning. I may use the gross motor stations that are present in the room for making the concept of tempo internal and external. I may also take my metronome in to further exemplify the concept.

Next week is our instrument week. I'm not sure what I have decided to do that week, but I've written it down in my bullet journal/session strategy sheet book. I'll spend this morning (no notes to do on Mondays) making my plans a bit more firm. The week after that is a holiday week, so we only have school on Monday and Tuesday. I'll be at a training, so sub plans for all!! Then, we have only three and a half weeks until our winter break.

It is time for me to get some water in my water bottle, put on my t-shirt and pants, and make the bed (with clean sheets!) before going to work.

I hope your Monday is a good one.


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