TME Tuesday: Survival Signs
One of the things that I enjoy is writing music to support educational goals and objectives. Now, I don't call this music therapy, because I design the music to be included in education without the need for a music therapist. Instead, I call this music-enhanced education (or, M-EE, for short!). I've written songs for special educators, for my sister's students, for just about anyone who asks, really. This is one of those songs.

Many of my clients have "survival sign recognition" IEP goals. This fact led me to write a song - of course!

To run the song, it's a good idea to have visual aids of the targeted survival signs so students can indicate the sung about sign. I've been able to find the 100+ signs that my students have to identify on Google images. I have both large versions (no larger than a file folder to help with storage), small cards, and sheets with multiple options on them.

If you are ever looking for a song that directly addresses survival signs, this could be it! Enjoy.


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