The Day Off

Today is my day off.

It is the only day of the week where I don't always have to do things that are part of working. It's a very good thing to have some time to be on my own, and I cherish my Saturdays. Some Saturdays, I meet via Skype or GoToMeeting with some dynamic music therapists who enrich my life immensely, but this isn't one of those Saturdays. Other than an appointment for some routine car maintenance, there is nothing that I HAVE to do!

I am going to take my current book to the dealership to read while I wait for my car. After that, I may go shopping. I have some coupons for money off things. I like that. Money off. Of course, the best way to get someone to spend money is to make it seem like they are saving money, but I am happy to be convinced.

I feel the need to do some more creating today. I had so much fun making some non-TME related games and folders for a friend of mine, that I think I'll do some more. Does anyone want a lapbook about shapes and pumpkins? I've got an idea for one of those...

One of the most interesting thing about making things that aren't related to therapeutic music experiences (which, by the way, is the term I use to talk about what I do in sessions - AKA, TMEs) is that the TMEs start to arrive in my brain even though that is not the intent. The TMEs that occur to me are often ways to use music to support the visual aid rather than having the music be an essential part of the experience itself, but that's okay. Any time you can add music to a learning activity, you enrich the experience for students. So, if I make something, I'll make two of them this time around - one for my friend, and one for me!

Time to get started. I have two hours before my car appointment, so I can spend some time making something before all that starts. I'm thinking that a pumpkin folder would be fun to have in my file folder library...


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