Thoughtful Thursday: Time to Get Going

I woke up this morning around 2 am. I had started another migraine headache, and I guess my brain wanted me to enjoy every moment of the experience. I'm not really surprised by this - I knew another headache was coming, but I never know quite when they will occur. I did eat lots of pepperoni yesterday, so that may have brought on this last migraine a bit faster than usual. I'm actually glad to be going through this one as my previous migraine pattern has been a cluster of 4 headaches and then a break for about 5 years before the next cluster. This is headache #4. 

At about 2:45, I noticed the sparkles, so I downed some of my favorite headache medication before the pain started. At this point, almost 3 hours later, I have twinges of pain, but that's really all. I will need to take some more medication in about an hour to keep on top of the pain because this is the first day of school, and I will NOT take it off as sick time! We have no students today, but we do have lots of annual training and missing that would be difficult to make up. So, I will be leaving for work a bit earlier than usual to avoid the rising sun in my eyes and will probably spend most of the day trying to avoid sunlight, wearing my sunglasses, avoiding noises, and fluctuating between temperature extremes.

Other than the headache, I think I am ready for today. I have lots of stuff that I've made in the past two weeks in my bag. I have purchased some things for sessions. Those bags are in the car. I have a stack of storage boxes ready to go to my cabinets to help me organize things a bit differently. I think I am ready.

My goal for the two inservice days that we have before kids start back is to make things less random in my area. I am ready for a plan and have lived in the room enough to know what works well and what doesn't work in my therapy space. The main places where I have issues with organization are my storage room (future space for interns and stuff) and my office. It is time to make a plan for both of those places.

My dream office has built-in cubbies that are labeled. Do you know the bone room in the television show Bones? There are frosted drawers that hold the bones of different cases. That is what I dream about - not the bones, but the drawers. A place for everything and everything in its place. That's what I strive for. Unfortunately, my reality is not that at all. Fortunately, I can also go with what I have available and can work towards an approximation of what I want.

So, I will spend most of today sitting in a room with all of my fellow school staff members, listening to the same presentations that I have heard in the past 22 years of working at the facility, thinking and scheming about what I will do tomorrow when I have time to take things out of my storage space and office.

By tomorrow, the headache will be gone, but I will probably still have the temperature fluctuations and sensory sensitivities, so it will be good to be busy in my room and not be around too many others.

Well, it's time to get going.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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