TME Tuesday: The Allergy Song

TME Tuesday - the picture with the sheet music didn't transfer - if you are interested in getting a copy of the melody, let me know in the comments.

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The Allergy Song
Mary Jane Landaker, MME, MT-BC
Therapeutic Music Experience

Purpose: To discuss health implications of being outside in nature; to provide humorous point of view to allergies.
Source: Original song and lyrics. © 2016 by Mary Jane Landaker, MME, MT-BC. All rights reserved.
Materials: Accompanying Instrument
Environment: Group members within hearing distance of group leader.
I                                                            IV           V7         I
Nature is wonderful. Nature is grand. Nature is just all around!
I                                                         IV           V7              I
Nature is beautiful. Nature is great! Nature is plain everywhere!
V7                 I                          V7             I
I love nature, oh yes, I do, but nature just doesn’t like me!
V7                 I                V/V                               V7
Every time I go outside, nature plain makes me sneeze!!
       I                          IV       V7       I                                                     V7              
Oh, I have allergies. Yes, I do. Oh, I have allergies, that’s why nature just ain’t for
Procedure: R = Reinforcement opportunities; C = Redirection/Cue opportunities; A = Assessment
1.     C=start singing the song without explanation
2.     A=assess whether group members show attention behaviors
3.     R=reinforce all attention behaviors
4.     C=continue the accompaniment pattern and ask group members about the song:
a.    What is going on with the person singing?
b.    Do you have any allergies?
5.     C=as appropriate for group members, change the lyrics to match some of the answers that they provide during the discussion

Therapeutic Function of Music:
The music is the primary format for expressing information. The pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, and lyrics can be adapted and adjusted to accommodate client needs and preferences. The melody line is predictable which encourages client engagement and interaction. The music contains the information to spur discussion or songwriting about situations that many people go through.
Pattern varies throughout the song; melody is simple
Variable based on client need and preference; Tessitura – one octave
6/8 meter with most notes on the beat; limited syncopation
Variable based on client need and preference
Major tonality: I, IV, V7, V/V7
Variable based on client need and preference
Variable based on client need and preference
Variable based on client need, preference, and contributions
Chart adapted from Hanson-Abromeit, D. (2010). A Closer Look at the Therapeutic Function of Music. Presentation at 2010 American Music Therapy Association National Conference: Cleveland, OH.
·         Use pictures of various allergens and people sneezing to enhance group members’ understanding of the concept
  • Ask group members to write new words to the song in order to reflect their own experiences with allergies and allergens.


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