Tip-Toeing Towards a Finish Line

I am working on a large project with a self-imposed deadline of August 1, 2017! The project? I am getting ready to launch my first ever independent CMTE course as a preapproved provider for the Certification Board for Music Therapists. I am very excited about this huge step towards realizing a dream I have had since 1996! Anyway, I am making progress at a slow, but steady pace. I want to have all my course information ready to go and awaiting CBMT approval by August 1, so I am spending time putting together my information and all the different pieces of this project.

This has not been a fast progress, but it is time to finish it.

At this point, I am spending time in coursework generation, video conversion, and website design. I am making all the decisions about things myself, and I am enjoying all the headaches, stress, and challenges that are coming with being the decision-maker. This is a project that is completely mine. Mine from conception through reality, and I am loving the entire process!

Whenever I get involved in projects like this, I gain a greater appreciation for those who work on similar projects. It wasn't until I started working with the Online Conference for Music Therapy that I realized exactly how much went into presenting conferences. Now I know. I am appreciating the hard work that goes into the presentation of every continuing music therapy education (CMTE) credit that I have ever attended. There is lots more to it than just coming up with an idea.

Sure, ideas are important - they are the meat of the entire process - but presentation format, software, record keeping, and accountability are also very important. I think I've figured out how to make all of the different pieces fit together in a way that will allow me to work smarter and not harder. We will see.

Right now, most of my attention is going towards course design and information presentation. I have a unifying theme to my visual aids, a way to make video presentations with a limited amount of extra work, and a consistent outline of what participants will do during the course. I have figured out the end goals for the course, and I know how I will get participants to those end goals. I am generating content as it occurs to me. 

I've found that the most time consuming part of all of this is converting the presentations into videos. That process takes more time than I ever imagined it would. The rest of the time seems to fly by, but waiting for a computer to complete a process (where I can't do much else with the computer during the process) seems to take forever!

In the meantime, I am enjoying this.

Today, I will generate at least one more chapter in my course design, and I will start to figure out how to put things up on my website. I am making progress - slow but steady.

I am hoping to announce this new course offering by September 1, 2017, but can't do it yet! Soon. Baby steps forward!! 



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