The Storm is Here

There is lightning in the sky this morning as I am sitting here, writing. Summer storms do one of two things around here. They either give us a break from the relentless humidity or they build that humidity even more. This time around, it seems that this storm will build the humidity. The forecast doesn't show any change in the heat soup that we are currently experiencing.

I fell in love with storms when I moved to this state for my undergraduate education. I lived in a residence hall where I could see to the east for miles and miles. The storms would come in, and I could see the lightning and the rain spreading around a span of about 20 miles. We didn't have the same type of storms where I was from, so a good thunderstorm was something new to experience.

My first summer storm experience out here was during the summer I was a  counselor at a Girl Scout camp. We lived in platform tents - canvas walls and a wooden floor off the ground. When storms would come through, you would batten down the hatches and then hope that the winds wouldn't rip through the tent. I reveled in the fury of the thunder during that summer. There was something very humbling about being a lone person in the middle of weather.

These days, the advent of storms brings with it aches and pains in my legs and sinus headaches. I can feel them coming way before they arrive. As a result, I don't enjoy them the way I used to, but I still like a good summer storm.

No analogy here to music therapy or my work with clients with challenging behaviors, but just a simple appreciation of nature and how it affects each one of us. Make whatever analogies you would like.

Have a good day.


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