Thoughtful Thursday: The Quotation Box

On my desk, I have a small box that contains cards with quotations on them. (I've written about this box before, and it continues to be a source of inspiration for me, so I'll write about it again!) I rotate through cards when I feel like I need to do so - it used to be once a week, but not lately.

The quotation that is on my desk right now is a good one.

 All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.                                    - St. Francis of Assisi
 I am accused of "smiling all the time" by my clients. Some of them find it creepy and others seem to find it reassuring. I do tend to smile more than not when I am around other people. I enjoy their company, so I express that through my facial expressions.

This doesn't mean that I don't have my dark times - I just tend to keep those dark moods more to myself in an effort to assist others with theirs.

I like being a candle.

As I've been thinking about St. Francis and his words, I've realized that I want my role in this world to be that of lightbringer. I think that's why I went into a helping profession to begin with and continue to strive to be that type of person - one who smiles, one who looks for positives, and one who focuses forward.

I know lots of people right now who are at odds with each other based on ideas. I also know lots who are trying to find ways to find the light in a world that they perceive as darkness. I know that there is light in this world of ours. I am looking for the light.

For me, light is found when someone holds open a door for another person. Light is found when a song reaches someone's emotions. Light is listening to someone who needs a listener - listening without comment, debate, or judgment. Light is agreeing to disagree about something that is fundamental to both parties and still working together.

I think I will keep St. Francis on my desk a bit longer before I switch cards out. There may also be some word art based on this quotation before I am finished with it.

I am going to try to be a candle in the darkened world today.


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