Getting Ready for Conference

I finally decided to go onto the WRMWAMTA SUPER REGIONAL CONFERENCE PAGE and see when I was going to be presenting a bit over a month from now. I'm glad that I did because I found that both of my presentations are on the same day (I thought they were on different days...). I am ready to go talk to folks about different topics - Research-Informed Clinician stuff and Career Pivot stuff.

The conference is what we call a "super regional conference." The Midwestern region has combined with other regions several times over the past couple of decades. We went in with the Great Lakes region and the Southwestern region. Now, it is the Western region's turn to work with us.

We will spend the weekend in Colorado, talking about music therapy, and making regional plans.

For the next month, I have the joy of going over my older topic (Research-Informed Clinician) and starting up my newer topic (From Slump to Career Pivot). I'll work on outlining the new topic this week and get things going. I've promised some creativity, so I need to get to that. I'm thinking vision boards, and when driving, I can bring materials with me to accomplish that creative endeavor. Hmmm.

I like the time between presentation proposal and presentation. At this point, I have no clear outcome for my presentation except what I wrote in the presentation proposal. After several months, it is fun to try to figure out what I meant when I wrote descriptions and learner objectives.

It's time to start this proposal process for AMTA 2017. I think I will try to get some of my formerly rejected proposals accepted (better than ever, of course), and I will be brainstorming more ideas as well. Then, we'll see.

I'm going to think about my career pivot presentation as I drive off into the cold, dark morning to get to work. I'm also going to spend time thinking about other things I can talk about (and talk about...). I hope to have some ideas pretty soon for AMTA 2017 while I get ready for this super regional conference!!

Happy Monday, all!



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