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TME Tuesday: Lonesome Traveler

I am feeling a bit lonely these days, and I am reveling in the feeling! This is why regular doses of time alone is so important for me as a therapist. I am getting tired of being by myself, so I'll be able to go back to work with a ready attitude. This therapeutic music experience (TME) offers an opportunity to reflect on being alone while traveling.

Therapeutic Music Experience Lonesome Traveler Mary Jane Landaker, MME, MT-BC

The Meaning of Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day here in the States and is the day that we've dedicated to remembering those who have died in service to their country in the armed forces.

There is a difference between Armed Forces Day (the day we recognize all those currently serving), Memorial Day (see above), and Veteran's Day (the day we recognize all those who have served in the past). I think many of us do not really understand the function of these days in our country's history and tradition. I have to admit that I am one of those people.

My grandfather on my Mom's side was a veteran. He was in the Army during World War II. He didn't much talk about his experiences; at least, not with me. The other person that I know who has served our country in the Armed Forces was my cousin who was in the Navy for a time. Since they are veterans, the meaning of the other two days has been pretty much lost to me until this year.

Now I know the meanings of these days, so I can appreciate them a bit more.


Supplemental Sunday: Rules for Making Visual Aids

I spent most of Friday morning pulling together some visual aids for my clients to use once we get back to music therapy sessions. I love making things that I can use in my music therapy clinic, and I enjoy watching my clients use them later. As I was taking pictures and getting things ready for the final presentation (which isn't finished yet), I thought about the little tips and techniques that I've learned from others and developed myself (through lots of trial and error!) over the years.

If you are interested in getting into the visual aid making side of things, the first thing you need to do is to gather your materials. Here's a list of things that I recommend that you get for easier assembly of visual aids:
Several pairs of scissors - You need one pair for cutting paper, another pair for Velcro, and (if you are a scissors fanatic) another pair for cutting laminate. Believe me, having several pairs will make your life easier as you will not be gunking up the paper sciss…

Knee Deep in Laminating Film

Since I am currently at home for Summer Break, I am catching up on some of the projects that I've envisioned over the past couple of months. 

I finished a series of theme folders based on the TMEs that I've used for four classrooms at my workplace over the past two years. The folders have the topic listed on the tab and then a sheet of paper that has the TME ideas written on it. In addition, I put the masters of any visual aids that I've made or found so that they are all together. Right now, the folders are very basic, but they will grow as I use them more and more.

I am working on my emotion sets. I have all of the emotion PECS ready to be laminated, and now I am finishing up the storage folders. I received my order of Pentaflex folders (in five different colors - including purple, but not orange!), so I'll be able to start putting together my color-coded boxes with the color-coded visual aids. I have some rock band folders to put together into finished products and an…

Take It Easy, Termination Won't Hurt a Bit

I am tired of my Thoughtful Thursday topic, so I am going to vacate it for a while. I haven't remembered to write on different quotations, so it should be easy to let this topic go the way of Sing A Song Sundays and Song Synthesis Sundays. I will be Thoughtful NO MORE!!

So, that leaves me with another dilemma - what should I write about right now? This dilemma always starts after the opening paragraphs. The questions start - "Is this interesting enough to me to continue writing?" "Does this have anything to do with Music, Therapy, or Me?" "Should I just skip today completely?" Then, I usually settle into a topic or an idea and start to write.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I am in the termination process as a client (for, really, the first time in my life). I am down to the last session next week, and I am experiencing separation pangs and simultaneous excitement. I am both very proud of my progress and scared to death that I am going to do something…