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Not Much Time Today for Blogging...

I typically like to arrive at my work about 30-45 minutes early, and I am running a bit late today, so there won't be much to this post. It's been an okay morning - the time crunch is coming from a task that I've not been able to do for my church job - the list of music for upcoming worship services. So, I started this project earlier and it's been a bit of a chore. I've got to get this finished, so just a bit of talk... I guess I'll be a bit later to work than I've been recently.

I am still waiting to find out if I will be having surgery next week or not. It's dependent upon two things - a clear chest x-ray and the surgeon's okay. I don't have either of those things right now.

My last group today is my most contentious group all of the time. I'm already dreading them. We'll see what happens this afternoon.

See you tomorrow!

It's Tuesday, Isn't It...

I know I've posted this before, but I'm going to do it again.

This is my process for writing TMEs...

Supplemental Sunday: Books for the Little Bits

I am constantly on the lookout for things that reinforce musical concepts, present songs, or engage my clients in musical expression. If I can find them for less money, GREAT!

Today's supplemental is a bunch of little books that I found at the Dollar Tree - 3 for $1.00! Can't beat that price! They are Sesame Street themed with Elmo, so I only use these with the Pre-K to K groups. They have wonderful illustrations and processing prompts on every page. I have lots of them - 15 different titles to be exact - and my young students enjoy them.

Now, these are not for group consumption. As you can see with the mini mouse for comparison, these books are palm-sized. They are great for children to read on their own or to share with one other person. Since the songs are pretty familiar, kids can sing them independently with a couple of repetitions. (Some of the songs have different words after the initial presentation.) The books are board books, so the pages are really thick and difficult…

Inspiration Needed...

I'm going to go on an inspiration odyssey today.

I'm in the need of something to spark some interest, some creativity, some thought process. It's been a struggle lately to think, but I know that thoughts and ideas that you come across at any given time can sprout and grow at the most inconvenient times. (That's why I always have Post-It Notes nearby, even when I'm driving!!)

I am going to avoid Pinterest. Pinterest tends to be more interesting for me when I just want to be entertained, not when I have a goal in mind. When I have a goal in mind, Pinterest just makes me feel inadequate. So, no Pinterest today!!

Music is always good for inspiration. I was watching the Teen Beach Movies yesterday (I know, but they are mindless and silly), and I remembered that I had the soundtrack from when I had a student who was obsessed with the music. I listened to the songs again, and found that I could probably adapt them and use them with clients (well, duh!). My computer is set up…

Favorite Things Friday: Introducing Mildred

I'd like you to meet Mildred. Mildred is the newest member of my personal circle, and she provides me with "gentle strength." This cage of bars, neoprene pads, hinges, and velcro has supported my knee for the past month, and has at least 10 more days to go before Mildred is set aside (for at least a short time) in favor of Arnold, my immobilizer.

Isn't it amazing that we have devices and things like this available to us when we need them?

I just marvel on this fact. In the old days, an injury like the one I have would have pretty much been a permanent thing. I would be limping and on crutches (at least) for the rest of my life. These days, I go in for a 6-hour surgery and voila! I start working that new ligament so it can work properly.

One of the interesting things about Mildred is that she is an attention-getter. When I'm not working, I go out in my shorts because pants are just too hot and skirts are too fluffy for Walmart. I am amazed at how many people have sto…

I Just Hit the Wall

I hit the fatigue wall today.

I overextended yesterday and actually went to both of my jobs. I didn't get into bed until late (for me), and then had to call my parents and my sister. My sister was in a bit of a tizzy about a decision that someone made about her role at her school, so I stayed awake until she had something figured out what to say and an idea of how to approach the people involved. Once she found her way, we hung up, and I fell asleep immediately.

This morning I awoke right before my "alarm" light turned on. I flipped over and went back to sleep for another hour - again, not at all like me. I had to force myself to actually get up and get my morning routine started. I really want to stay at home, but I am running out of sick time and don't know for sure if my worker's comp claim will kick in to pay me while I am considered "Temporarily Totally Disabled." I certainly don't want to owe my school district part of my salary due to an injury…

Currently, I'm...

Reading... Imitation in Death by J.D. Robb. I'm also looking at starting Learning & Memory: The Brain in Action by Marilee Sprenger
Playing... not much. Candy Crush Saga every so often.
Watching... Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Listening To... Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Working On... finding motivation and energy to get things finished on this day
Eating... nothing yet
Drinking... water. Always water.
Wanting... energy to get things done
Needing... a spark
Loving... the fact that my clients missed me while I was sick
Thinking... that two weeks is a short period of time
Feeling... nervous, scared, apprehensive, excited, and ready to be fixed!
Celebrating... being able to breathe without coughing every single time!
Grateful For... all of the things easily available to me since I am this person, in this place, at this time!

TME Tuesday: Oh No!