Missing the Music

I have been away from my music therapy clinic for 15 days now, and I find that I am craving musical stimulation. As I was driving to the post office yesterday, I was humming the theme song from a show I'm watching on Netflix right now, Warehouse 13. Halfway through the drive, I started humming the interstitial music for the program that was on the radio. It was only a five note melody, but it stuck in my brain like nothing else...

I guess that one of the benefits of being a full-time music therapist is that there is always music going on. Whether the music around me is preferred or not, there is always music. I get quite a bit of musical stimulation during my regular work day - so much that I eschew any form of music on my commute to and from work. I find I am now needing music to stimulate my brain.

I firmly believe that each of us is drawn to our professions for specific reasons. I am well-suited to working with children and adolescents (ESPECIALLY middle-schoolers). My father is NOT, but he is really content sitting in an office writing proposals for business contacts all the time. I am NOT! I obviously need to be in a profession where music is around me as much as possible. It's a good thing that I found music therapy when I did!

Since recorded music has a tendency to stick in my head to the point of driving me mad, I will take out my guitar, my fake books, and my TME file to sing, compose, and create musical sounds. There is nothing like live music to stimulate the brain, right?

What to play first? What a great question to have in front of me! 


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