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My principal informed me yesterday that we were going to start a new classroom in two weeks. While this adds many complications in organizing an already packed schedule, I am looking forward to this new addition to our school.

The classroom will be called a "low-density" classroom, meaning (according to the principal) that there will be a low staff:student ratio. There will be five students and three staff members in the classroom. The students are students that we already serve in different classrooms.

All of the students require pervasive levels of support for appropriate function in their environments. They are all loud communicators, and they are all not really appropriate matches for their current classrooms. Their presence in group therapy has always complicated my job as a therapist as they do not fit in with the rest of their classroom group. Now that they are in their own group, my job of finding therapeutic interventions to engage them in the therapeutic process is going to be much easier. In addition, the opportunity to have entire sessions focused around their unique needs will also be more beneficial to them.

I am looking forward to this opportunity.

I envision a music therapy session where the focus of therapy is on communication of wants/needs and on sensory-based interventions. I believe that when one of these students start to scream, the others will join in, allowing us to improvise music as a group (rather than just annoying quieter peers). I envision a music therapy session with little to no formal planning from me, more improvisation and going where they lead me.

Lead me, kids.


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