Getting Excited...

I have planned my paraeducator-run music therapy sessions.

I have found all of the trinkets for my hard-working, dedicated committee members that I really enjoy working with throughout the year.

I have finished my presentation outlines.

I am almost finished with laundry, packing, and cleaning my room.

It is time.

Can you tell that I look forward to this every year? I really, really do! I am getting excited about seeing old friends, meeting some interesting professionals, seeing people that I have only ever "met" via social media, following celebrities around, talking to music therapy students, and working hard for the association. This upcoming week is going to be exhausting, but well worth the time, effort, and expense.

I have several goals for this year's conference.
  1. See Ben Folds somewhere.
  2. Finish 3 committee tasks and start 2 others.
  3. Find something cool to share with my clients after Thanksgiving.
  4. Buy something just for me.
  5. Go to a presentation that fires me up in some way.
  6. Talk to an interesting young professional about what I do.
I don't know how much I will be blogging during the next week, but I will try to write something. See you in Atlanta!


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