The importance of an hour

I am going to work a bit later than usual today. I generally get to work an hour before I am required to report, primarily because I am an early riser and enjoy some quiet time in my room before others arrive. Today, however, I needed to finish up a Netflix movie before sending it back, so I am staying at home until 6:30.

I have an hour-long commute, so I can predict my arrival at work pretty well every day. I have been tempted over the years to give up that commute and move closer to work, but I have found that I need that time to slough off my day as well as get ready for being home. I use that hour to mull over issues, practice singing, think about my life, and contemplate things that need to be contemplated.

The hour is a unit of time that defines my professional life as well. I provide hour-long and half hour sessions to my clients. I also have hour-long interdisciplinary sessions on Fridays. An hour is enough time to engage clients in musical experiences and process through those experiences. I have found that half hour sessions are not enough time to focus on what we need to address in music therapy sessions.

My extra hour is almost up. I have completed a movie, am heating up breakfast, and am watching a snarky television show. I will be going to work a bit refreshed and ready for the day.

Take an hour off every so often. Don't stress about the amount of time that there is left (the difficult part for me). Enjoy the disconnection.


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