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Indulge my complaining...Sorry It really irks me that I found out that one of my presentation ideas was not accepted through a published source rather than through the organization that it was presented to. Why can't folks follow professional courtesy and let others know when their ideas are not appropriate for a course or session BEFORE they publish the list of offerings. I am a bit tweaked that I had to find out whether my idea was appropriate by looking at the publication rather than hearing from the committee. Just another one of the things that could be solved through a bit more organization and consideration. I'm just a bit perturbed by the way things are run. Sorry for the meltdown, but, in this case, I feel it was deserved.
Back to Basics You know, there are times when I have to stop what I am doing and reset my thoughts about music therapy. This is one of these times. I am currently on Summer Break, a wonderful period of 13 days before returning to my job, and I am starting to think about the therapy that I provide. I am a behavioral therapist with 15 years of experience working with persons with developmental and psychiatric concerns. I am competent. I am a good therapist and a good trainer. Sometimes, though, I forget the basics of my medium. I am currently reminding myself of those basics. My first step is always a review of the basic tenets of William Sears. His writing in Music In Therapy , edited by Gaston (1964) always encapsulates the role of music in human life. I then work around to Radocy and Boyle, Thaut, Bruscia, Wigram, Clair, and other music therapy theorists. I also find writers outside of the field of music therapy to be valuable as I am reforming my therapeutic offerings. Cognitive neur