Road Trip!!
Today, we're off for CA! I, of course, am up at 4:20 and waiting for a ride to arrive in the form of Tawnya. She will be here sometime between 8 and 9. The cat and I are already ready, but this is one of the perils of driving with a "P" (obscure Myers-Briggs reference). Once she arrives, we will drop Bella-cat off at the kitty jail/spa/hotel for a relaxing (??) stretch of 10 days! I feel so guilty about leaving her at the vet for the THIRD time in less than a year, but I think it will be the last until next Christmas. I hope so, at least. I'm not planning any other trips.

The best thing about going on vacation with someone is the degree of spontaneity that I have to adopt. I don't have our entire schedule planned out. This is a novel experience. I did "J" Tawnya into several agreements - namely, hotel reservations for this evening - due to the holiday weekend, and not looking at a tour book - just for my own sanity. The last and most important was that we would drive hard to get to CA and then drive slowly back to KS. So, we'll cover four of the six states today and be home by tomorrow afternoon sometime.

I'm off to clean the coolers. Wish us luck!


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