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California Travels...

We made it to CA with limited difficulties...detours through Oklahoma, cracked windshields, swerving Suburbans, and helpful truck drivers with limited dentistry. After a VERY long stretch in the car on Friday - 15 hours - we FINALLY made it to Grants, NM. Tawnya ended up sleeping on gross sheets. We left Grants at 6:30 am and drove until we made it home.

Tawnya spent lots of time in the car sleeping. She snoozed past desert scenery, mountains, and rain. I, fortunately, am able to entertain myself in the car. The alphabet game is one technique - I have rules, of course, (I am a "J") - only one letter per source - this is difficult when I am trying to find X and Z, but it does work. I also count down the miles and do math problems - how many hours will it take if I continue at my current speed to get to LA? Tawnya says that she can entertain herself in the car, she was just drowsy!!!

We are here now, getting ready to go shopping for various and sundry items …
Road Trip!!
Today, we're off for CA! I, of course, am up at 4:20 and waiting for a ride to arrive in the form of Tawnya. She will be here sometime between 8 and 9. The cat and I are already ready, but this is one of the perils of driving with a "P" (obscure Myers-Briggs reference). Once she arrives, we will drop Bella-cat off at the kitty jail/spa/hotel for a relaxing (??) stretch of 10 days! I feel so guilty about leaving her at the vet for the THIRD time in less than a year, but I think it will be the last until next Christmas. I hope so, at least. I'm not planning any other trips.

The best thing about going on vacation with someone is the degree of spontaneity that I have to adopt. I don't have our entire schedule planned out. This is a novel experience. I did "J" Tawnya into several agreements - namely, hotel reservations for this evening - due to the holiday weekend, and not looking at a tour book - just for my own sanity. The last and most important…
Birthdays...The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Why is it that birthdays can be such a tragic event in a person's life? My birthday, so far, has been just the way I wanted it. I am not extremely happy to be reminded that I am nearing 40, but time is inevitable, so I just embrace it. My birthday celebration will include chinese take out and chocolate. Interesting way to celebrate, isn't it! I will also do some laundry, pack for an upcoming trip, and watch movies that I have seen a million times before. Nothing different from any other night. Happy birthday to me!