So, my firend, Tawnya - the only one I suspect of reading this blog - if there are others, please let me know, has been bugging me to write more. I have been busy and less inclined toward sitting at the computer for periods of time, so I have not been active lately. Sorry, Tawnya.

Here goes the first March entry...

February vs. March
I hate the month of February for a variety of reasons. First, here in this state, the month is a very unorganized time frame that incorporates beautiful spring-like days in the 70's and then immediate winter-like days in the -10's. There is little to no indication of when these weather changes will occur, so you have to bring along your entire wardrobe to stay warm or cool. Second, the place where I work always goes loopy in February. People scoff when I say this, but eleven years of February trends do not lie! The kids are restless because the staff are restless, sick, overworked, fired or simply missing! This adds strain on the folks who actually do show up for work because they are not able to stay within their comfortable routines. As a music therapist, my job is still fairly structured - I still do therapy for each class in their time, but kids and staff are never in the same group twice. I always feel like I am trying to reintroduce the basics in Feb.
In contrast, March is a more settled month. The weather still tends to be variable, but there tend to be more spring days than winter days. The absence list at work shrank from 12 people on Feb. 28 to 4 people on March 1. Coincidence? Or just the magic of March? You decide.
Oh, don't let me forget - only 14 days until Spring Break!
-mt me


  1. Yeah! Thanks for that. I knew you could provide me with more reading material. And I can attest to the February thing! Glad it's a short month. I think whoever decided to make it 28 days, must have worked at a BD school!


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