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Ellis Paul ... So, I first heard him on the soundtrack toMe, Myself, and Irene singing "The World Ain't Slowin' Down" and now I'm hooked on his voice! I've heard him alot lately on Trail Mix and in other strange places - just serendipity, really. I am beginning to become a fan.
Snow Days and Sickness

I woke up yesterday morning after a sick day on Monday to see lots of snow on the ground. I was feeling so-so, but the thought of a snow day at the school where I worked motivated me to
get up and get going. I work as an essential staff member on snow days at the special-purpose school where I work. When students live there year-round, there is no such time as staff time-off. The sacrifice of driving to the school in the snow is well paid off in release from excruciating inservice days and conferences - the worst things for me to have to do!

So, I got up and started my day. No breakfast at home, wasn't quite up to it yet, and then drove to the school. It took me 30 minutes more than usual, mainly because I got into an accident the last time we had bad weather (but no snow day!) and still haven't had my car fixed from that kerflaffle! I stayed at 35-45 mph the entire 52 mile trip.

Mistake #1 - breakfast -biscuits and gravy with the students
Mistake #2 - lunch …
Back to basics...
Rhythm is still working. It always surprises me that the simplest elements of music are the best for communication and relationship building. It is very functional for elementary-aged students to sit and play with rhythm instruments for a 50-minute session. They start to interact with each other, they establish eye contact, and they start to listen to things outside of themselves. The rhythm provides the structure.

One of my favorite quotes...

"Structures are restraints - a way of limiting.
What you can build within restraints and structures is almost limitless."
-- Coretta Kent

Providing that structure increases the opportunities for creativity and communication. Just a thought.
February in Kansas is not the most predictable month...Yesterday it was 56 degrees and sunny - today, cloudy and 29 degrees. This definitely has an effect on my students and on my therapeutic skill. I find myself having to go back to the very basic of basics during February - rhythm, rhythm, RHYTHM! The best things to do are the easy, simple, important things. Like finding the beat and coordinating your movements to the beat. Just relaxing into a piece of music is an important skill. What a concept!
So, my current dilemma is finding a topic for a project that I am interested in...Difficult these days. There are lots of things that interest me about music did MT become part of the treatment for persons with developmental disabilities? How does music affect the brain? What are the issues that early music therapists faced in getting started with their jobs? Too many questions, not enough interest in any of them! Ah, the life of a Ph.D. candidate!
Getting Older - Original lyrics by MJL, MME, MT-BC

Pains in my elbows, pains in my knees,
Sittin in the doctor's office, scared as can be,
Tryin to figure out just what is wrong with me,
Fallin apart at the seams.

I guess I'm getting older,
Strange as it seems.
When I look in the mirror,
My younger self I see.
I guess I'm getting older,
While my head doesn't comprehend,
My body is screamin' "Slow down,"
And I just can't pretend.

So, this is a work in progress, and I haven't been able to fit in cervical examinations or mammograms, but stay tuned!
Aaah...Visits to the doctor are a great way to remind you that you are getting older. I spent the day running around with my students, singing Groundhog carols at the top of my lungs...Look them up, they are great, especially the one that starts, "There's a groundhog leg sticking out of the snow, so we know that he must be in there!"...and then went to two doctors.

There should be a song about cervical exams and mammograms - I think I'll write one!

More later.