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So, this is a new experience for me, but I thought I would try this blogging to see how it goes.

My current state of residency is somewhat springlike today after several days of record-highs. I am not ready for summer to start in the middle of April! Spring is the only really pretty time of year here, and it should be savored, not rushed. I am enjoying daffodils and lots of birds outside my window singing to beat the band.

I feel that blogging is an interesting format for an online journal - lots of opportunities to write, but a certain amount of public caution is needed for posts. I can see why some of my friends have started their own blogs. We'll see how this one goes for a time...

The picture is one of the joys of spring that I have found...if you look closely, you can see one of the more vocal jays that cackles on my patio.